Thomas Automatic Fire Protection

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Thomas wants to congratulate AARON GOMEZ Senior 2019 of Post Tx and AVERI GRAVES Senior 2019 of Southland Tx for being the Recipients of the 2019 Garza County Community Recovery Program Scholarship!!  Thomas's Roger's Way joined the Community Center this year to help these seniors hurdle their way to the top.  Thank you Chris Atkinson and the CRC for always taking care of our youth as they become our future!

The Community Recovery Center accepts donations for scholarships through out the year and awards annually.

The Wiseman Family lost their home in an electrical fire July 5th.  They are retired and raising a granddaughter.  Thomas is asking for help for the Wiseman Family.  An account is set up at all People's Banks and you can call our office to donate with a credit card.  100% of all donations will go through the bank and to the Wiseman Family.  Prayers are upon you each one for your generous hearts. The family is living on prayers alone right now. 

The family has home insurance but at this time the insurance may not cover electrical fires....

Trust in the Lord with all your heart.  Lean not on your own understanding. Acknowledge Him in all your ways and He will direct your paths.  Proverbs 3:5-6 

This testimony is bone chilling.  The fire marshal said the temp was actually around 2400 degrees.  The fire on top that wouldn't go out and the water that settled below created a smoker type environment for around 6 hours.  The cell phone works like a new one and look at what protected it! There are no words that can describe this other than the words in the book that shielded for us to see. 

Any People's Bank or call 806-234-3109 to make a donation with your credit or debit card.

Thank you

Thomas is very proud of the Texas Tech Red Raiders Men's Basketball Team!!!  Coach Beard has worked these guys into the National Championship!  They have made Texas Tech History!!

We couldn't be prouder!!  These guys work hard and give the glory to God!!  They pray without hesitancy and for all to see!  GUNS UP BOYS!!!  You are the best no matter what that skin-close overtime score was!!  YOU'VE MADE SCHOOL HISTORY (and made Virginia work)!!  Congratulations to Virginia on the National Title!

Mr Sherman's Pictures are in the photo album on this site.  Look under Fun Events 2018

UPCOMING~~~~ WOW What a beginning to a great year! We have walked the autism walk,  played golf, watched some cool kids graduate and played mud volleyball.....  now summer comes and we get so busy!  We will be flying pretty low this summer as we kick into high gear for the summer as usual.  Keep up with us on facebook, we will post a few things here and there.


Thomas Automatic Fire Protection, LLC is:

  • HUB Certified
  • CMBL Listed
  • NICET Certified
  • Certified in Back flow      Preventers
  • Member of the NFPA
  • Dun & Bradstreet Verified
Thomas Automatic Fire Protection, LLC has more than a combined 47 years of experience in fire protection.  Two generations working together for your life safety and fire protection.