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Thomas took a trip to the Lubbock Area Veterans War Memorial Wall after filling up at the Olive Garden on 11/11 at 1130

Thomas is so blessed! We visited and heard stories and a prayer was said for all Veteran and Active military and their families

Steven C Elliott US Army 1964-1968 Vietnam.  This is Anissa's father.  Photos of him have been found in the documentary 'Vietnam -America's Conflict'  One was printed and presented to him along with the video. The photo was when they arrived at Vietnam and was getting off the Higgins boat from the USS Sultan.  They were yelling their war cry.  He wasn't even 20 years old.

Jo Caldwell is Reas's wife.  Her mother is a World War II Coast Guard Veteran.  Jo lost all her pictures in a hurricane.  This picture was found on Facebook and a replica was presented to Jo 

Steve presented Reas with the Veterans Memorial Brick certificate and a photo of Reas when he was 18, just joining the USMC.  This was a surprise to Reas.  When the two soldiers saluted each other the tears streamed at the Thomas table ....and surrounding tables.  Applause broke out as well.  Good job, Sirs!

Lloyd Reas Axtell USMC 1975-1978 Vietnam Era. Reas is our lead foreman and soon to be one of our inspectors.  Reas has been with Thomas almost since day one and we consider Reas one of our own.  Reas was shocked to know Thomas and his wife had this framed and made for him.  

Semper fi Reas ..... Always Faithful!!  ooh-rah


So many Veterans Thomas wants to salute.  Our Thomas family alone would take up several days worth to mention names.  We salute all Veterans and Active military for the sacrifices and continued support.

      Thomas gives all glory to God who has given us the freedom of will and the choice of everlasting life.  Thomas also gives thanks to the United States Military. Our armed forces have sacrificed EVERYTHING to do their part in keeping our Nation safe and free.   Sacrifice does not mean they lost everything or even anything.  It means they were willing.  And even if they changed their minds once it got real.... they did it.  THOMAS SALUTES ALL ARMED FORCES and with a gratitude un-measurable.

Thomas also would like to say oo-rah to our very own Reas Axtell USMC!! We are proud to have Reas in our Thomas family.  Semper fi all the way!! We are taking Reas to Olive Garden Sunday November 111 to celebrate his U S Veteran status.  

UP COMING: November is heading up the final days of 2018.  We will be bowing our heads and thanking the Lord for all our Thomas business and Thomasites past - present - future for Thanksgiving.  Our Christmas party will be at the very end of November so we can free up everyone to go to their spouse's party, kid's party, school concerts and of course SHOPPING in December.  Thomas has some major plans for 2019.  STAY UPDATED HERE OR ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE!!

 Update on one of our foreman, Chad....  His daughter will be meeting us around the middle of December!! Baby shower was a huge success, all points bulletin is preparing for Sonja's arrival!!

 Update on our Construction Manager Micheal.... Hes having a baby girl too! She will arrive in 2019.  Micheal has been christened by his little girl.  He lays his head closes to talk to her and she kicks him in the head!!  We are loving these babies already!!!!

Thomas has had a great 5 years!  A great big special thanks to our Thomasites!! Another big thanks to Chris Atkinson from Garza CRC for taking our pictures!  Also thank you Texas Tech for letting us play on the Red Raider Football Field as we turn 5!!  

What a great team!          Happy Birthday

After the fun of wearing pink is gone and the hype of autumn into fall..and the holidays approach us...STAY AWARE!!  BREAST CANCER DOESN'T HAVE SEASONS AND IT DOES NOT CARE THAT HOLIDAYS ARE COMING!!!


Thomas Automatic Fire Protection, LLC is:

  • HUB Certified
  • CMBL Listed
  • NICET Certified
  • Certified in Back flow      Preventers
  • Member of the NFPA
  • Dun & Bradstreet Verified
Thomas Automatic Fire Protection, LLC has more than a combined 47 years of experience in fire protection.  Two generations working together for your life safety and fire protection.